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Kincaid's | St. Paul

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I recently visited Kincaid’s in St. Paul, and had the best experience! I was actually able to go during lunch and dinner, and got two very different vibes. For lunch we sat outside on their gorgeous patio in the heart of downtown St. Paul, and had some amazing appetizers. I got mushroom ravioli and my mom got calamari! They were amazing!


Then actually Cole and I came for dinner, and we went all out! I haven’t had steak in a very long time- after a few years of deciding not to eat meat I then treated myself to clearly one of the best in Minnesota! I love my steak medium rare (it melts in your mouth), and Cole likes his more medium. You guys, the vibe was completely different too. They cater to you like I’ve never been taken care of at any restaurant before! We had the sweetest waitress, who made our time there one we will always remember!

Then I topped off my amazing meal with a special “Mocha-Tini”, ah, it was delicious! Overall, we seriously had the best time!

I also have a special deal for you guys who have read this post or seen my Instagram!! If you mention you saw one of these posts you can get a BOGO- Buy one, get one free appetizer! I hope you treat yourself this weekend for a date night, take out a friend/parents and enjoy as much as I did!