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New Year #Goals

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This New Years I'm actually going to stick to my goal of being the best version of myself. That doesn't just limit myself to clean eating, but nourishing the mind, body, and soul. That means exercise, eating the right foods, and learning as much as I can. I'm going to challenge myself by cutting back on certain foods and replacing them with healthier options. For example I am a Starbucks addict (who isn't!) so I will be limiting that to a weekly trip and replacing all the sugary syrups and creams for Matcha tea (natural caffeine) with unsweetened almond milk. There's always a healthier option, so I invite you all to join in the New Years Resolution fun and change up your unhealthy eating habits! Also I will be joining back to my yoga studio since that is what I am more motivated to actually go to. For me, yoga is so relaxing, yet mentally and physically challenging as well. Instead of treating your self to a new pair of shoes or indulging in one of your not-so-healthy monthly spendings, get yourself a gym or yoga monthly membership! I also need to cut back on some of my shopping, so replacing that with something beneficial will be more rewarding in the long run. By just changing a few little things in my life I hope to feel more satisfied with some of the results that are to come.

Most of us are a little scared of change, but I am here to reassure you, a little change is a good thing. Fresh starts, a new hobby, following a passion you might be a little afraid to do- these are all good for you, I promise. I took a small chance in following what I love, and not only has it led to new and exciting opportunities, but has also shown me other passions I now love and would never have found them having not took the small step to starting this blog. It makes me so happy when people finally let their guard down, and are willing to follow their dreams. What are your New Years Resolutions this year? I wish you all a #blessed New Years, and hope you have some small changes in your life that you're willing to change for the better! 



Photography by: Kristin McCarthy

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