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Now that Thanksgiving is over and I’ve eaten more than I have in my whole life, it’s time to get that Christmas body ready! Where we will again be eating a lot…

During the holidays and winter it’s really hard to find time and motivation to hit the gym and eat healthy, but I have the answer to your problems! This detox tea is awesome because it reduces your appetite (no more snacking), and also makes you lose water weight fast! You drink a morning boost with your breakfast, and then do a nightly cleanse (every other night) making you wake up feeling less bloated. This isn’t a replacement of eating healthy and working out, so make sure you are still maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I think it’s a great way to get your diet started! Remember to drink lots of water and also get a full nights rest, these two things can effect your overall health more than you would think. For best results try to follow all these little tips! Click here to get yours for this holiday season. Happy teatoxing to you all xo


Photography by: Kristin McCarthy 


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