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Stay-Cation with Graduate Hotels

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Ever been a tourist in your own city? That’s kind of how Cole and I felt getting to stay at The Graduate on the University of Minnesota campus. Honestly, I can’t wait to show you guys this place… We had an amazing time!

The vibe when you walk in was totally like Hogwarts/cozy cabin, and there were a ton of students working in the Lobby which I thought was super cool and created such a different environment than typical hotels. There were also a ton of games we played a few rounds of shuffle board before dinner too. This was definitely not your ordinary hotel.

The rooms were so cute and spacious- I loved the decor, it was totally Minnesota themed everything. We toured around and fell in love with the hotel- there was even a wedding going on!

Then we got to eat at the restaurant “The Beacon”. The service was incredible, and the food was just as outstanding. The vibe was super casual with a twist on classic dishes and had a really cool atmosphere.

We started with a few drinks and apps- Mac and cheese and cheese curds, then for our entrees Cole got a New York strip with some veggies I got the sweet potato burger which was so yummy! We topped it off with a sweet treat of apple pie and ice cream- I love love love being extra and getting dessert. The Beacon is attached to the hotel so it was super convenient walking back up to our room!

The next morning we had room service delivered, which was amazing (can’t you tell!), and indulged on our favorite breakfast foods! I got pancakes, yogurt and granola and a croissant, while Cole went with a classic egg and sausage and hash brown breakfast. I have to say though the best part was that there was a Starbucks attached so I even got my favorite latte after we ate.

We had such a fun and special, cozy stay with The Graduate that we will always remember! If you’re every in the area, or looking for a place to stay in Minneapolis, check out Graduate Minneapolis here.

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Love These Locks

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Have you ever felt like your in a rut? As women there are certain things we like to have done to feel "cute" like nails done, hair done, maybe a new outfit. About 3 months ago I was feeling so self conscious and insecure- I feel like it's ok to open up and admit that because we have all felt that at one point or another in our lives, where I just felt so 'blah".  And what do girls do when we feel this way? We change our hair- I think that is partly embedded in our DNA. I randomly found a salon called Twiggs in Wayzata, MN after Google-ing "Best MN Salons" (lol), and they popped up. I called and made an appointment with Alexia, and after we talked I felt like I could trust her to drag me out of my rut. When I left the salon you guys I legit almost started crying because she did such a good job, and I felt like myself again. I don't want to say she's some type of hair wizzard but... I'll just leave that there. 

FF a few months, and I've never loved my hair more than I have now. I'll give you guys a little background on my hair- I'm Greek so naturally my hair is very dark. I tried to embrace the natural darkness, but you always want what we can't have, right? I have always wanted highlights, but every time I get them done they turn out so brassy like halfway on my head- that in-betweenie color you all know I’m talking about. Not to mention they have the best products, which I’m sure helped the color and the integrity of my hair. After I went to Alexia a few times, I wanted to share this experience because she genuinely cares about you and your hair.

I hope this post helps you guys on your hair journey, and that you give Twiggs a try! For first time clients they offer a $20 off new client discount which is amazing (that’s about 4 Starbucks… just sayin’). You can get this on their website here.

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My First Microdermabrasion Facial

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Hey guys! So I have an amazing collaboration with Pure Lux in Minneapolis that I can't wait to share with you. I did a microdermabrasion for the firstt time and the results are amazing. Vanessa used a diamond tip to exfoliate my skin and neck area, and for almost 2 weeks my skin has been soooooo extremely soft. What it does essentially is remove all the dead skin off the first layer of your face, and allows your face to more easily absorb your products. Vanessa is so sweet and runs such an amazing business, she genuinely values her clients. She met with me and we had a very successful consultation prior to our appointment where she asked me all about my skin and what results I was hoping for. These are very personalized appointments and she is so passionate about what she does it really makes you feel comfortable and eager to better your overall skin. I am already super excited to go in for my next facial! One of my New Years goals is to put more time into my skin, and using great products that natural and hydrating; along with services like different types of facials. 

I encourage you all to think about your skin a little more about your skin and checkout her website to see all the other services she offers as well!

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The product that I have been obsessing over for about a month now is the bareMinerals Ageless Genius trio: the serum, moisturizer, and the eye cream. I've been testing this product for about 3 weeks, and with the combination of the facial and all these products have had wonderful results.

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