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Tips For A Healthier You

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Hey guys! I can honestly say that I have never felt better mentally and physically in my life and I wanted to share some of my tips I have with you, and what I have been doing consistently that I feel have contributed to my overall wellbeing. 

Work out EVERY DAY ok well maybe not every day.. that's a little excessive, but I would definitely get in a good rhythmic routine of going to the gym and intermixing that with an alternative workout- my outlet being yoga. If you've never tried yoga I highly recommend it (not just because I'm a new instructor), it completely transformed my mind and body. Being a competitive gymnast since the young age of 7, I was often teased for being so muscular at such a young age, beat all the boys in an arm wrestle though. Being a girly girl it was hard for me when I was constantly building muscle and being compared to a "mans body", so when I had accepted gymnastics' defeat on my body I switched gears to yoga and it leaned out all my muscle and gave me another challenge to work at and stay toned as I didn't have my rigorous routine of training to fall back on anymore. I think this is an important concept to people whose sports careers are ending, and to have a plan B so they still train their bodies and minds. 

Juice/Acai Bowls y'all I literally have an acia bowl every day I feel so basic, but they are SO GOOD I am addicted! I juice everyday which was hard at first since it's so much nutrients in your body, but after a couple weeks your body becomes inclined to those nutrients and I have never felt better, and I know for a fact juicing is a big reason for that. I try to avoid added sugar, but juicing vegetables with fruit in the morning or late afternoon to give time to digest all the natural sugar and burn it off before bed is ideal (fruit in general). I also am converting to a more plant-based diet which does not include meat at all and the only dairy product being all natural plain Greek yogurt. I do most my shopping at Trader Joe's and Whole Foods for more natural, organic, and cruelty-free products. Getting enough nutrients and finding a diet that works for you is very difficult, but when you find something that works you will never think twice about McDonald's french fries. (Recipes coming soon).

Keep enough time for yourself this is literally so important. Have you ever heard about the girl that gave and gave and did nothing for herself? She was never happy. Happiness is key to a healthier mind and body. I had been so unhappy for so long I had no idea what happiness was anymore. When I gained it back and recognized my strengths and things that made me happy and brought joy in my life I have been able to add in so many other places in my life including feeling full enough to give back to others. It can honestly be the smallest things: going to a coffee shop (alone) and gaining back some independence as well will be such an empowering step to gaining self love. 

Cut toxic people/things out of your life I can absolutely not stress this enough, not sure why it isn't number 1. You cannot let relationships (bf/gf/friends/family) be a negative influence in your life. Learning to cut off ties is one of the single-most hardest things I have done. It's a slow and painful process, but once removed there will be an enormous understanding for the control you have in your own life by allowing who stays and who has to go. This also goes for habits- recognizing what is deteriorating your life, and changing/eliminating it. 

I hope these were somewhat helpful, as I shift my journey towards health and fitness. I am so excited to be sharing healthy recipes, workouts, and personal journey struggles. Thank you for allowing me share and hope you stay tuned for more to come!

With love. xo

Fab Fit Fun For Spring

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Hello beauties!! Happy spring to you all, hopefully the weather starts to cooperate for us Minnesotans. On the bright side Fab Fit Fun released their new spring box and I couldn't be more excited to share with you the goodies inside. I always look forward to getting mine each new season, so let's get started! 

1. Gyspy05 towel: I love this towel it's going to be so perfect for this summer at the beach and even a cute picnic! It's perfect size and super adorable for a great beach pic! 

2. Nature's Bounty Hair and Skin Vitamins: It's so funny because I use these vitamins already, so when I opened it up to these I was super happy because I was running out of mine LOL, but these vitamins are awesome I love them and have been using them for about a year now and not only do they taste great, but I have noticed a difference in my hair, skin and nails too! If you run out they sell them at Target where I get mine. 

3. Realher Lip Kit: I love lipstick, so this excited me. Nothing better than matching lip liner to lipstick, but they went one step further and put in a matching lipgloss!! Yes, this is real life. Beautiful- great color! 

4. Emerald Duv Bracelet: Love this super cute gold bracelet, and would be super cute to pair with multiple bangles- I love accessorizing! 

5. Karuna Hydrating Face Mask: I'm starting to like these (literal) face masks more and more as I use them because they are so easy to use and take off, no messes! These are great for hydration and plumping up your face right in time for spring make up!  

6. Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish: These colors are so fun for spring I can't wait to have a mommy-daughter night and paint our toes with these!  I always love painting my nails to the season even though I'm more of a neutral color person sometimes a pop of color is fun!

7. Briogeo Leave-In Conditioning Spray: For all of us girls that use heat daily, or over wash our air this is so perfect to get some extra hydration! 

8. Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion Exfoliator: Super excited to get all my dry dead winter skin off right in time for some sun and warmer weather! This product will be great all for all seasons!  

9. Milly Zip Pouch: How cute is this idea, and why didn't someone think of it sooner? Cute little swimsuit totes for your wet suits, so this is perfect to bring along for a beach or pool day to keep your other stuff dry! 


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*Thanks to Fab Fit Fun for sponsoring this post!


Oui, Paris!

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Our last stop on the 12 day adventure was Paris! Last but certainly not least, Paris was such an amazing time. It was Paris Fashion Week, so getting to see all the new and fresh styles was such an incredible moment; made me want to go shopping, but other than that I very much enjoyed it. Aside from the fashion, we got to see all the touristy things like the Louve, The Laudrée and of course the Eiffel Tower! The weather was rainy, freezing and windy, so we spend most of out time cuddling up and watching Disney movies, but when the sun came through just to say hey, we took advantage of that by walking around and taking it all in. We ate at so many great places, but my favorite was Kong, which filmed an episode for Sex and The City, it was delicious and had the best view! Overall an incredible experience, enjoy the photos! XO

Ciao Bella

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I think Italy is my favorite place I've been thus far in my life. Since I am Greek, I feel like it is closest to my own culture, Greece WILL be my favorite place to travel I already am confident in that! We first arrived after a long day of travel to the most beautiful view in all of Florence! We had stayed in the most perfect AirBnB right in the center of Florence 3 steps away from the Duomo (the third largest dome in the world). Gelato shops on every corner as well as the best food, shopping and buildings- every turn you made something amazing was right in front of you. We even got to see the original Statue of David at the Galleria dell' Accademia as well as some other famous statues and paintings. 

After the overload of carbs and amazing views I can easily say this was a trip for the books! 

We then took a day trip to Cinque Terre which is a grouping of 5 villages on the west coast of Italy. It was absolutely breath taking, unlike anything I have ever seen in my life. We first stopped in Montorosso, then took a 5 minute train to Manarola which was the entire view of the whole city- it was incredible!! We got to see incredible views and even caught some sun! We dinned at a restaurant right off the water, with the sounds of the waves crashing on the shore and delicious seafood we definetly had made the most of our day trip! 

Ladies of London

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On a 12 day adventure of exploring Europe our first stop was London. I've always loved the London architecture, it's so clean and sharpe. Not to mention the style is incredible. Even though we were only going for 3 days we were so excited to fit in all the things we wanted to explore! 

I went on this trip wth my two friends Nicole and Jenna. Even though we were extremely nervous for our flight, Delta took great care of us (per usual) that's why I can never fly another airline after being treated like the Queen of England herself. We arrived late (after trying to figure out the underground station for 2 hours) and grabbed some food. The next day we really felt like we arrived, waking up to the most pretty terrace and view of Prince's Square right by Notting Hill. We had a great location which was right by everything and easy to take the around. We explored Soho, and Big Ben/London Eye area, as well as the Buckingham Palace where the Queen lives! The last day after sending Jenna back, Nicole and I grabbed brunch and set off onto our next adventure... Italy!