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A Day at Mall of America

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Hey guys! Last week I got the opportunity to collaborate with the biggest mall in the nation, Mall of America! I've always shopped at MOA growing up since I've lived in Minnesota my whole life. Being a huge tourist attraction it was a real privilege to be able to shop there and re-visit the place that sparked so much inspiration for my fashion influence. My first stop was at Zara, and it was actually during the beginning of their annual sale, so I snagged these tie pants (below) for only $14!! I thought they'd go with a lot of what I already own. I love this style because it's so different than anything I own and a super cute statement piece. 

Next we went into Free People, and I've had my eye on these overalls for awhile now (above). I think these are the cutest thing in my closet currently. There is really endless possibilities with these, and I'll get a lot of use out of them. I'm seriously so obsessed with how they fit too! They're a little spendy, but well worth it for how much you'll get out of them.

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Now that the Super Bowl craziness is over, you should all check out the newly revamped mall and see their new additions (Zara and Anthropologie!), and also stop by RAAS for literally everything Minnesota. 

Save the Elephants

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Ivory Ella is literally one of my favorite brands I've ever worked with. Not only do they have an amazing philanthropy that has donated 1.2 MILLION dollars (cue Doctor Evil's laugh), but their shirts are absolutely adorable! I think wearing this with jeans and booties are such a cute casual outfit, and especially since most their stuff is more embellished on the back, the front is pretty plain. Check out their website, and be sure to #SaveTheElephants 

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Special thanks to Ivory Ella for sponsoring this post! 

How to Rock Overalls

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Hey guys! So this passed Sunday I shot a lot of content for the blog with my mom, and we had so much fun. We got Brunch at a cute place by the lake and then headed to our favorite spot to shoot, even stopping at a French Bakery, and if you're in the Minnesota area you need to stop into Bellacour for coffee and a croissant!

Let's talk about this outfit. It's so effortless, yet trendy. I love the look of overalls and a baggy sweater with booties. I think this is a super cute and easy outfit for you to try this fall and carry it over to winter as well. I think their are so many different ways you can wear them that are a for sure way to spark some attention. This sweater is absolutely adorable, I love stripes and I think this mustard color is so cute, it's kind of hard to fins a yellow that looks good with my skin tone, and I'm sure a lot of you can relate, but I think this one has some really great fall tones you can get a lot of use out of. I also am obsessing over this bag from Violet Ray. It's so functional and the material is amazing, and I love how you can wear it handle style or over the shoulder- satchel. Shop their exclusive line here. Be sure to shop the links below, and thanks for stopping by! xo

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*Thanks to Romwe, Gorjana and Violet Ray for sponsoring this post.