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Crushin' in Blush

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I took a couple week off from Instagram and blogging to find my passion again. Somewhere along the way I feel like I was just going through the motions of posting and ignoring Instagram altogether. I also came to this crazy realization that if & when Instagram ever gets deleted, then what is my purpose? Some people I think focus on it way too much while forgetting to live a full life outside of the gram. Ask yourself this question, do you like the person you are aside from what you lead people to believe on Instagram? Because I honestly was putting too much effort with the wrong intention. Sure, trying to create a business off a social media platform sounds like a nice idea, but where do you draw the line of staying true to yourself? I am making a promise here to put my whole, true self forward and to be my most authentic self for all of you guys who read this blog and follow along my Instagram. When I started this blog, I always had the intension of staying true to my values and that’s exactly what I intend on doing from here on out (with the deletion of a few posts I didn’t feel represented me or my brand. Going forward I plan on only promoting brands that align with my values, and only things I actually use or would buy myself.

Now let’s talk about this look… I recently did a huge collaboration with MOA (Mall of America) Style, and I found so many goodies I have to share with you all! Trousers are super on trend. I love dressing them down and making them a more casual look and something you can wear daily, but also throwing on a blouse and blazer and being work ready.

Thanks for reading, and I will be posting more on my website so stay tuned for more posts!

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The Oversized Trend

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Oversized blouses and boot cut are so trendy right now. I love oversized anything, so these are the perfect trend for me, any one with me?! I also think boot cut and heels are adorable. I couldn't get find the exact top, but I linked a similar one (for those of you in Minnesota, it's from Kittsona). Roses are super significant to me too, since it's the middle name I gave to my mom since in Greek culture middle names aren't really a thing, so this blouse is one of my favorites! 

Is embroidered denim still a thing? I got these pants last year, and still wear them all the time- I think I just like the cut of them over the "bored to death" patch ugh. 

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Checker This Out

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Is your gingham game is strong? This is one of my favorite summer prints. These little crop tops are so cute with anything- I'm wearing mine with black flares from H&M (I'll link under "shop the look"), but you could also wear with high wasted trouser, shorts or jeans! Now let's talk about this Unitude bucket bag... hello beautiful. This is such a fun alternative to my typical tote or side clutch that I'm totally crushing on. This bag can also transition you to fall, and is a great addition to your purse collection! 

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