Here’s Why I Want to Work for Lola Red

It’s no coincidence the due date for this application falls on International Women’s Day… I think the answer the question to why I want to work for Lola Red PR is embedded in the fact that I would want to work for a company that captivates women empowerment in their company culture. As a women owned company, this offers different insight within the field that I would be eager to grow in.


Here are a few key points of why I would want to work for Lola:

A Picture Says a Thousand Words…

As cliche as that is, it’s true. I am so passionate about storytelling through images. Isn’t that a crazy concept? I think being able to convey an emotion or meaning in just one image is a beautiful and powerful thing. I love to capture a message and share that through photos (hence this blog), but more importantly to bring people together. Creating lasting relationships has always been at the forefront of this blog. As a content creator myself, I could offer unique insight on brand/influencer relationships from almost two years of experience.

Communication is Key

Building brand relationships and creating content for projects is what I am passionate about. I have an extensive history of brand partnerships and collaborations that show how my communication skills at Lola will allow me to utilize my skills and passions.

Hustle is My Middle Name :P

I notice Lola ladies (+ guys) hustle! I’m always on the grind and maximizing every hour of my day to get everything done in a timely manner. I would love to be surrounded with like minded people and grow from each other!

In a sea of (red) applicants, I hope I’m the one that stands out!

IMG_2306 2.JPG
Thank you for your time and consideration in my application.

Thank you for your time and consideration in my application.