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Oui, Paris!

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Our last stop on the 12 day adventure was Paris! Last but certainly not least, Paris was such an amazing time. It was Paris Fashion Week, so getting to see all the new and fresh styles was such an incredible moment; made me want to go shopping, but other than that I very much enjoyed it. Aside from the fashion, we got to see all the touristy things like the Louve, The Laudrée and of course the Eiffel Tower! The weather was rainy, freezing and windy, so we spend most of out time cuddling up and watching Disney movies, but when the sun came through just to say hey, we took advantage of that by walking around and taking it all in. We ate at so many great places, but my favorite was Kong, which filmed an episode for Sex and The City, it was delicious and had the best view! Overall an incredible experience, enjoy the photos! XO