Love These Locks


Have you ever felt like your in a rut? As women there are certain things we like to have done to feel "cute" like nails done, hair done, maybe a new outfit. About 3 months ago I was feeling so self conscious and insecure- I feel like it's ok to open up and admit that because we have all felt that at one point or another in our lives, where I just felt so 'blah".  And what do girls do when we feel this way? We change our hair- I think that is partly embedded in our DNA. I randomly found a salon called Twiggs in Wayzata, MN after Google-ing "Best MN Salons" (lol), and they popped up. I called and made an appointment with Alexia, and after we talked I felt like I could trust her to drag me out of my rut. When I left the salon you guys I legit almost started crying because she did such a good job, and I felt like myself again. I don't want to say she's some type of hair wizzard but... I'll just leave that there. 

FF a few months, and I've never loved my hair more than I have now. I'll give you guys a little background on my hair- I'm Greek so naturally my hair is very dark. I tried to embrace the natural darkness, but you always want what we can't have, right? I have always wanted highlights, but every time I get them done they turn out so brassy like halfway on my head- that in-betweenie color you all know I’m talking about. Not to mention they have the best products, which I’m sure helped the color and the integrity of my hair. After I went to Alexia a few times, I wanted to share this experience because she genuinely cares about you and your hair.

I hope this post helps you guys on your hair journey, and that you give Twiggs a try! For first time clients they offer a $20 off new client discount which is amazing (that’s about 4 Starbucks… just sayin’). You can get this on their website here.

*Special thanks for Twiggs Salon for sponsoring this post.