Galentine's Day

It's that time of years again... what most single girls hate and girls in relationships fear the pressure of "the perfect Valentine". But you don't need to have a S/O or expensive dinner date to have an accomplished Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day is more than just going on a cute date and getting flowers. It should be a day of re-claiming love altogether in every aspect of your life. I know every one thinks Valentine's Day is not as important and "just another day", but honestly it's one of my favorite holidays, and no not just because everything is pink, but because I LOVE love!! And I know that sounds super cheesey, but it's true. I'll never forget one Valentine's Day morning long ago my I woke up to balloons, breakfast and little cut out hearts with notes my mom wrote me about what she loved about me... and ever since then my mom set the bar pretty high for this "day of love" appreciation. So go out and buy your best friend, mom, or grandma some $4.99 Trader Joe's roses and make a day out of it. Order pizza or do whatever you want! You're cheat day came early this week, so go all out. I know I have some Ben & Jerry's half baked-cookie dough with my name on it this Tuesday! Let's end the negative stigma about Valentine's say, and don't forget to tell the important people in your life that you love them!

Happy Valentine's Day babes... xoxo



Photography by: Nicole Castonguay