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Q&A: Eyelash Extensions

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Here’s a Q&A I did with Avari Beauty, a Minnesota based beautician and lash extension expert. I posted a questions sticker on my Instagram story for my followers to ask questions regarding everything eyelash extensions. I’ll post the most frequently asked questions here with the answers, and if your question is not up here, please leave one in the comments below and we’ll respond to you as soon as we can!

Let’s get started…

Q: Do lash extensions hurt?

A: No, not at all! I actually fall asleep while getting it done. It was so relaxing and an easy process. She puts stickers on your bottom lashes and is very delicate and gentile during the whole process, you’re eyes are shut the entire time! They act just like your real lashes, and you honestly forget you have them on.

Q: Do eyelash extensions ruin your real lashes?

A: If you take care of your lashes then no, they shouldn’t “ruin” your natural lashes. What I have found is sleeping on your face and not brushing through them a few times daily will make them tangle and get a little wacky which can lead to them falling out and possibly taking out your real lashes in the process. So making sure you brush through them as well as cleaning them genteelly with oil free face wash will help maintain the integrity of your lashes.

Q: How often do you need to get refills?

A: Depends on how quickly your lashes are falling out and if you take care of them. I can go up to 3 weeks before going to get a fill, but for some people they may need more fills if you notice them falling out (1-2 weeks). Something I want to disclaim is that if you don’t brush and maintain regularly, they can tangle and pull your natural lash out. My first time I woke up with them all bunched together and a big clump fell out, so when I got them removed for the summer my natural lashes weren’t as strong and bold as they were because they pulled out- so I can’t emphasis enough to take care of them and prevent something like that from happening!!

Q: What if I’m allergic to eyelash glue?

A: If you think you have a sensitivity to glue or if you have skin sensitivities, I would recommend having your lash technician test a spot on the tops of your hand (a sensitive area similar to the face) and see if there’s any reaction, and if so then she should have a special glue to make sure you are still eligible for lashes!

Q: Can you get them wet?

A: Yes you can, but making sure you are careful and not sure aggressive with them. I love getting them in the summer and the main reason I want them- to be able to swim and be carefree and not worry about black running mascara, but if I’m swimming in the lake or ocean I always rinse them right after because salt or other residue can be bad for the lashes.

Q: Are the lashes real hair?

A: My lash technician doesn’t use real lynx lashes #animals but she does have an amazing new lash brand that you can check out more here. If your lash tech doesn’t carry them he/she can purchase through Avari.

Q: Are they expensive?

A: Depending on where you go, just like anything cosmetic, the higher level experience the more expensive. Going to a place that charges $20 a fill may be cheaper to you, but could potentially not be using the best glue or lashes, or may not be as well experienced- so always look at their portfolio!

I personally love lash extensions because (as pictured above) I get to leave my house wearing minimal makeup, speeding up the process to getting ready and always looking like you put the effort in! If you want to book with my girl you can check her website out here.