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Endless Summer: Living out the Last Days

Krista BrummComment

I wish summer lasted forever, don’t you? The effortlessness of daily tasks and the easy go lifestyle is what I’m all about. I know there’s only a couple weeks left of summer, but here’s how you can live out the last days.

  • Go to a fair

    Fairs always remind me of the Notebook and the perfect summer date. You can eat all the yummy summer foods and play games!

  • Do something spontaneous

    Change your hair cut/color, take a chance on something new that doesn’t involve a plan. I have to admit I’m someone who lives by a planner and a to-do list, but sometimes it’s fun to just drop everything and try a new restaurant or experience!

  • Take a little trip

    I think this is the perfect way to end your summer. Sealing it in with a little trip with either your S/O or friends! This September I’m going to Seattle with my friends!

  • Connect with old friends

    How many times have you said “let’s get drinks”, and then it somehow falls through the cracks of your busy life. I know something that I have been more intentional about following through on plans. We all have busy lives, but let’s try to be better about making relationships a priority.

  • Get outside

    Literally, before it’s -100 degrees and 7 feet of snow get outside!! Because you’re going to regret it a couple months from now when you are bundled up inside and snowed in. I’ve been running outside and taking my dog for walks around the river- even walking to dinner or coffee shops instead of driving everywhere; it’s nice to get fresh air as well.

These are just a couple of things to do the last couple days of summer. I know I’m going to soak in every second of it! Let me know how your enjoying the last of your summer in the comments below!