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The Wedding Guest Edit

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Hey wedding guest go-ers! Ever spend weeks, days, hour, waisted on stressing for the perfect wedding guest outfit? Well, you’re in luck! I partnered with the cutest boutique to show you guys some options for every location + occasion. Primp Boutique has been one of my staple go-to’s, growing up in Minnesota, they also have an online store for those out of state that are going to love their stuff! They also are mindful of keeping the price reasonable- All these looks are under $100 and the quality is amazing.

I decided to make three categories of the types of weddings I’ve been to. We have the ‘Classy/Sunday’ wedding where a two piece suit would look soooo fitting. You could switch out the shorts for a solid color trouser or change the blazer to a solid color blouse to break up the pattern if this is too much for you or for the wedding. Maybe this is a family member, or something a little more casual like a vow renewal, or Sunday morning wedding!


Next is the ‘Barn/Backyard’ wedding, and for this I picked a blue floral print dress, which is actually a high-low (y’all remember these circa 2013?). I really love how this could be dressy or more casual, and is such a cute pattern. I love the sleeves too for something a little bit different. You could ditch the boots and wear wedges as well.


This is the outfit I’d most likely be wearing to a wedding. Given it’s location, but I just am obsessed with everything about this look. I love the style and the color, and not to mention how silky soft it is!


I hope this helped you in the search of what to wear to your next wedding! Also, if you mention my name at checkout you can receive 10% off or use my code “krista10” online.