Love Is In The Air

Can I just say how dedicated I am to this blog real quick? I went out in below 0 degree weather in this little dress just for y'all. But I mean it was worth it... I'm obsessed with everything about this look! I LOVE it! Do you guys know what you're wearing for Valentine's Day yet? If you don't and you're in the area (Minnesota-metro) you should check out Rubi Jubi in Arbor Lakes! They have a ton of these left... just in time for the month of pink. If not, I've linked a few other online options for you too!

Valentine's Day is more than "finding a Valentine", to me, it means celebrating love and all the people you love. Even if you don't have a significant other, tell your parents how much you love and appreciate them or maybe a sibling or friend! It makes me so sad with all the negative stigma about this holiday, when in reality you should be celebrating love everyday. That's something our world is lacking, especially self-love. If by the end of the day you do celebrate Valentine's Day, don't forget about yourself. Maybe treat yourself to something a little extra or write a post-it note (reminder) "you are beautiful" "you are important" "you are loved" and put it somewhere you can see it. My roommate and I last year went to all the girls' dorms on our floor and stuck a post-it note on their doors- a little reminder of how awesome they are with sweet sayings like those. I encourage you all to participate, and really give appreciation to those you love! Happy Valentine's Day to all of you from me. XO-Always!