Krista Collective



Hello there, I'm Krista, the girl behind the blog! Welcome to my happy place. I'm a Minnesota born, dog mom who has always loved fashion and this is the perfect platform for me to express my passions through creative writing, styling and photography. Aside from that I am a very family orientated person and I wouldn't be nearly anywhere close to where I am today with out my amazing support system. 



I love learning and trying new things. If I'm not learning something new I'm bored, so I try to stay busy 24/7. I want Krista Collective to be a place where readers can also learn new things through my experiences and apply them to their own lives. I want readers to be inspired and be able to share with both me and each other. Here readers will find tips on fashion, beauty, and traveling but also personal advice and things that inspire me- hopefully we can spread love through words and photos. My goal is to be able to share and exchange stories- I am so excited to have you apart of my journey!