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Have you ever felt like your in a rut? As women there are certain things we like to have done to feel "cute" like nails done, hair done, maybe a new outfit. About 3 months ago I was feeling so self conscious and insecure- I feel like it's ok to open up and admit that because we have all felt that at one point or another in our lives, where I just felt so 'blah". And what do girls do when we feel this way? We change our hair- I think that is partly embedded in our DNA.

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Oversized blouses and boot cut are so trendy right now. I love oversized anything, so these are the perfect trend for me, any one with me?! I also think boot cut and heels are adorable. I couldn't get find the exact top, but I linked a similar one (for those of you in Minnesota, it's from Kittsona). Roses are super significant to me too, since it's the middle name I gave to my mom since in Greek culture middle names aren't really a thing, so this blouse is one of my favorites! 


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Is your gingham game is strong? This is one of my favorite summer prints. These little crop tops are so cute with anything- I'm wearing mine with black flares from H&M (I'll link under "shop the look"), but you could also wear with high wasted trouser, shorts or jeans! Now let's talk about this Unitude bucket bag... hello beautiful. This is such a fun alternative to my typical tote or side clutch that I'm totally crushing on. This bag can also transition you to fall, and is a great addition to your purse collection! 

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Hey babes! I love the look of layering, but how can we layer when its like 100 degrees out? I found this adorable Free People wanderer dress at the cutest boutique in Minneapolis called Style Hunt. I thought this little dress had so much potential for endless layering options! I also found this cute crop puffy sleeved top at Free People, and since it's so light it doesn't add extra weight at all. I think the tennis are a really cute touch to make this a little more casual.